About Us

They say necessity is the mother of invention and TWO GRUESOME PUBLISHING INC. is proof of that. Created by the husband and wife team of Randy and Barbara Daudlin, the company was formed in the spring of 2009.

Located in the countryside outside the rural town of Markdale Ontario, this idyllic setting is the birth place of the duo's new endeavor.

"We became publishers because we had specific ideas on how we wanted our books to be produced and the audience we wanted to reach. Traditional routes did not apply to us. The only way to achieve our desired goals was to manage the projects ourselves. Fortunately, technology is at a stage where it makes it all possible."

BARBARA DAUDLIN was the national operations manager of a telecommunications company having worked there for over 19 years. Her business and people skills are what shaped the company.

RANDY DAUDLIN is a professional make-up artist working in the film and television industry for over 28 years. It was at Barbara's prompting that their first book HURT 'EM REEL GOOD was written. Since then, REEL CHARACTERS was released in 2010 and BLOOD PROMISE debuted in 2012 marking Randy's first foray into fiction.

"Now that we are here, the door is open to produce a variety of interesting and unique products. We both have an appreciation of the dark side of life and our company name reflects the type of works to come in the proceeding months and years."

Randy & Barbara Daudlin